We assistants are “just” there to manage your diary. I “just” book that meeting with your client where you secure that crucial contract.


I “just” make sure that you are not disturbed when you are working on that important report, but I know to “just” knock on the door when it’s that one call you really need to take.


I “just” made sure you had that business visa for your trip to Moscow, even though you thought you could get a tourist visa when you arrived at the airport.


I “just” corrected that typo in your presentation before you stood up in front of your managers, and changed the font so that it was the same throughout.


I “just” changed your taxi booking to match the re-arranged meeting which you failed to tell us about, and “just” let the PAs to the other attendees know to do the same for their executives so that the meeting could “just” start on time.


I “just” ordered those flowers for your wife on your anniversary and “just” made sure there were no meetings in your diary so that you could make your daughter’s dance show.


I “just” processed your expenses in time for your credit card payment to go out, and I “just” contacted the hotel for the bill you didn’t realise you had lost.


I “just” picked up your tuxedo from the dry cleaners in time for your awards ceremony this evening, and I “just” got your coffee with a dash of milk and three quarters of a sugar because we know your next meeting is with Compliance and you mustn’t fall asleep.


I “just” organised our company’s management offsite, and “just” finalised the agenda that you scribbled on the back of your taxi receipt with everyone you wanted to attend.


But I don’t deserve share options because I’m “just an assistant”.

I don’t need that promotion because I’m “just an assistant”.

I don’t deserve a pay rise this year because I’m “just an assistant”.

I don’t need any training because I’m “just an assistant”.


If I’m “just an assistant”, you are “just an executive”. I can find another you. And then where will you be?

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