Work With Me

What I offer companies is a unique insight into the day-to-day running of their companies with an aim to make things better.

Hire me as an Undercover Employee and I will scope out your company and look into a wide range of things to help make your company better.

Lots of companies choose to run Staff Surveys, and while there is definitely a place for these, without knowing what questions to ask, how can you possibly get a real understanding of your company?

I can work with all types of companies. I can go into an office environment very easily, even having a cover story as a PA covering holiday or maternity cover. I have management experience so can even enter the company as middle-management.
I have worked as an estate agent in the past so could very easily disguise myself as a new starter.
I know my way around a gym so would fit in very easily as a trainee personal trainer or gym worker.

Examples of what I can do:

The entire New Starter process
Evaluate how employees feel about management
Identify quick wins to help improve performance
Identify staff who might have the potential to excel
Identify potential saboteurs
Identify potential stresses
Find out what people like about the company

I will not:

Divulge information about internal romantic relationships
Divulge personal information such as illness or pregnancy
Connect with any colleagues across any social media platform for the duration of the project

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