I meet with event planners and venue finders on a regular basis. Over the years they have saved me from the humiliation of hosting a bad event and found me some of the most fabulous venues for which I have, of course, taken all the credit for finding.

So when I met Stuart and Ben from Shout About London, I was interested to find out how they might differentiate themselves in a very competitive market.

Shout About LondonThey have taken a tiny portion of the market (namely London) and absorbed information about every bar, restaurant and hotel. They seem to know when new bars are going to open before the owner even does! (Well, almost).

And the integrity of these guys was evident when I joined them on their Party Bus Tour of London when I was told by no less than three separate people that these guys have helped them out so much that they go out of their way to help them in return. Such as finding a venue outside of London and ‘handing over’ the booking for them to do their thang on price negotiations. Anyone who gets that kind of recommendation deserves to be “Shout About” in my view.

If you are looking for the latest hot thing, check out the latest hot things; Shout About London

I can’t wait for the chance to team up with these guys so I’m already hassling Management for a Christmas Party budget…

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