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PA: The Hardest Job in the Office

Yes, I know I’m probably a bit biased, but I truly believe that being a PA or Administrator is the most difficult job in an office environment. Master of All Trades We must know how to take 2 phone calls, set up an excel spreadsheet, book a conference call and send several emails – all at the same time. Simultaneously, we must be able to review 2 inboxes, update 3 calendars, book dinner for 7 with parking, location map and 2 vegetarian options, knock up a PowerPoint presentation, courier a package to China and book three hotel rooms and three flights. We must know how to speak all languages and have visited all the countries in the world: and therefore know every restaurant and every hotel. We must have a complete understanding all local customs and visa and vaccination requirements for all nationalities and countries. We can personally affect the food on the flight, traffic lights…