Look After My Future Self has been my motto in life for as long as I can remember.

buy provigil online india From when I used to fold up a spare fiver and stash it in the back of my purse so I’d “find” it a few weeks later (often just before payday – hurrah!), I’ve always tried to think of my Future Self as another person, and tried to help them out as much as I can.

follow choc-orangeThis afternoon I found a chocolate orange in the bottom of my drawer that I’d left there last week in the hope of surprising myself at some point in the future (thankfully the surprise wasn’t that it had gone mouldy!)

I know what you’re thinking. Perhaps I just have a terrible memory. Not really the case. I have a strange ability to push something out of my memory when I know it’s been taken care of. Thus magnifying the effects of Looking After my Future Self.

Throughout my day I do little things to Look After my Future Self. Writing lists is one of them which I’m sure most people do. Every time someone asks me for stationery, I write it on a sticky note on my pc (the electronic ones, not a post-it). Then, it’s all listed there when I come to do the order.

Before I leave the office each Friday, I try to spend around 15 minutes starting a new project. It can be a big or small project, but that 15 minutes of work is enough to eliminate that feeling of having to start something new on morning. This is especially helpful being on a Friday afternoon when a lot of people turn to their monotonous tasks to get them through their hangover. First thing Monday morning I don’t have to start my project – I’ve already started it! I then also have two commutes worth of thinking time to come up with any ideas with my 15 minutes of knowledge about the project.


Do you have any tips to look after your future self? I’d love to hear them!

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