B – Bullying At Work

Perhaps a bit of a touchy subject, but what should you do if you are being bullied in the workplace? How do you even know if you are being bullied? And what should you do if you think someone else is a victim of bullying? What Constitutes Bullying? Bullying is defined as using a superior strength to make someone feel inferior or to force them to do something. It doesn’t have to be physical. An awful lot of the time it is verbal or emotional. Someone with a superior emotional strength can use it to bully a colleague. It doesn’t even have to be someone more senior – it could be a junior member of staff intimidating someone more senior. The latter happens less often, but it happens nonetheless – I’ve seen it before. How do you know if you are being Bullied? Sometimes it’s not that easy…

A-Z of PAs – A is for Agenda

Every trip and meeting needs an agenda. With the travel ones, even if you don’t give it to the traveller, it’s always good to have one for your own sanity to make sure you’ve not missed anything. For meetings, it is a great way of keeping everyone on track, they can help with the minutes if you are taking any, and they also remind you at a later date what the meeting was about. Save them with a Naming Convention Historically, I’ve used a simple Word template to create my agendas. Nowadays there are cool apps like Travo for your travel ones if you like to keep things electronic (I’m getting there!), but if you keep with Word, you need a naming convention to save them. I know this might sound a little unimportant, but trust me, when you have 20 people travelling at one time and you need to find…